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British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Step into a world of boundless exploration and creativity at The Wonder Years Nursery. Our curriculum embraces the wonders of nature and encourages children to uncover the magic in every moment.

Rooted in the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme, our approach combines the best practices from various established Early Years methods. We believe that learning flourishes when children are immersed in a sensory-rich environment that engages their senses, ignites their imagination, and embraces their natural curiosity. Through a creative, thematic, and play-centered approach, we unlock their potential, ensuring that learning becomes a vibrant tapestry of sensory, visual, auditory, and kinetic experiences.

Guided by the stepping stones outlined in the EYFS Programme, our curriculum empowers children to acquire essential knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes during their foundation years. We carefully craft a range of supervised activities that strike the perfect balance between free play and structured learning. These activities foster language development, nurture independence, and cultivate confidence.

Our dedicated team plans, delivers, and evaluates the curriculum and activities to provide a comprehensive learning journey. We strive to offer diverse learning experiences that prepare children for a seamless transition from nursery to primary school. With us, your child will embark on a remarkable adventure, where every day is filled with joyful discoveries and limitless possibilities

Programme Structure:

Welcome to our captivating Programme Structure, where children’s ages and developmental abilities shape their enriching journey.
For little ones aged 18 months to 3 years, there is a strong emphasis on learning through interaction with others and exploring the world around them. Learning through play is a fundamental principle and all activities are designed with this in mind. The importance of play and active exploratory learning at this age cannot be emphasized enough. Well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is the key to children’s enjoyment and learning. Through play, in a secure environment, with effective adult support, children can:

• Explore, develop and represent learning experiences
• Practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills
• Learn how to control impulses and the need for social rules
• Talk and rehearse their feelings
• Take risks and make mistakes
• Communicate with others as they investigate or solve problems
• Express fears or relive anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations

Unlock the seven captivating realms of learning and development

as all our classrooms embrace

the Early Years Foundation StagePrime Areas


Communication & Language


Physical Development


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Specific Areas






Understanding the World


Expressive Arts & Design

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Embark on a magical educational adventure at The Wonder Years Nursery, where young minds blossom. With the enchanting British Early Years Foundation Curriculum, we ignite a love for learning. Join us on this extraordinary journey of growth and wonder!


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